We would like to give our utmost best in our mutually agreed cleaning services, however, there are areas that we will not be able to do before, during or even after cleaning without prior arrangements with us or without extra fee. Here are few of those things:

1) Tidying up before cleaning - We suggest that homeowners to tidy up their place like picking up clothes or doing the dishes beforehand so that our cleaners can maximize and focus on actually cleaning your home.

2) Clean Human or Pet Discharge - Our cleaners will not do this even with extra pay.

3) Run Personal Errands - This is not part of the job description.  We provide cleaning services only, and our personnel are not "personal aides or nannies" to function such as help with shopping for groceries, house/pet/baby sitting or picking up the kids from school, etc.

4) Lift Heavy Objects - Moving boxes and heavy furniture is definitely in the no category.  We don’t want our personnel getting hurt and accidentally get responsible for items that could be fragile, too.

6) Climb - In the same manner, extremely high climb just to clean will not be allowed.  There's just too much risk for injury.

7) Cook - Our personnel are not expected to cook your family meals.

What we DON'T DO: