Carpet Deep Cleaning

(PHP 35.00 per SQFT)

Mattress Deep Cleaning

(Single - PHP 1,300.00;

  Double - PHP 1,500.00

  King / Queen - PHP 1,800.00)

Blinds / Curtains Deep Cleaning

(PHP 35.00 per SQFT)

Accent Chair Deep Cleaning

(Small - PHP 250.00 per Chair;

Big - PHP 550.00)

Sofa Deep Cleaning

(PHP 500.00 per seater)

We will dry vacuum, shampoo, wet vacuum, spot clean, and steam your upholstery to maintain its appearance, to get rid of dust, mildew, allergens, bacteria, viruses, pathogens that can cause health risks.

Dining Chair Deep Cleaning

(PHP 250.00 per Chair)

Crib Deep Cleaning

(PHP 750.00)

Sofa Bed Deep Cleaning

(PHP 750.00 per seater)

 Extend the life of your furniture, let us handle the dirt, grime, and spills!