Louie R. Baui-Oca

Defines and attributes strong business acumen as a combination of successful corporate career for the first five years in various multinational companies in different industries, i.e. investment house, banking and pharmaceutical, holding executive and managerial positions in the treasury/finance, administration and marketing departments, respectively.  After gaining enough business exposure, she then pursued her God-given vision and purposes as inspired and influenced by her successful achiever businessman/businesswoman parents.  Her entrepreneurial spirit is inherent and further propelled by greater "Call" in her life as a minister.

She earned a double degree in Bachelor of Science Major in Economics and Minor in  Marketing from Assumption College in 1991.

"AVODÄH" is a Hebrew word descriptive of and fully embraced by the Founder / Managing Director, "Louie" R. Baui-Oca.   She very much represents and imbibes the core values, ethics and direction of the company.   

As to how it all started:  Louie was spoken over the word, "AVODÄH" by a renowned UK businessman, author & resource speaker, David Oliver, who was the guest preacher when Louie was assigned to lead the worship service on 1st Sept 2005.  Mr. Oliver asked Louie what she does for a living and leaned that aside from being a businesswoman, she also serves on a voluntary, almost full-time capacity as a Worship Leader, Musical Cantata Director and holding other leadership position where she helps in her own capacity various ministries in her church.  Then, Mr. Oiver fittingly described and wrote the word "AVODÄH" as Louie's essence.  Since then, Louie truly breathed it, walked it!

This revelation proved to be very compelling that there was no longer a demarcation between one who serves, functions in the church and being a CHRISTian businesswoman in the marketplace.  This deep sense of meaning and purpose led her to name her new business venture on April 2006 under a single proprietorship: AVODÄH Management Consultancy.

Fast forward to where we are at now as a company, the season brings us to breaking new grounds and so, we are expanding our territories!  We are embarking on bigger projects / assignments.  Knowing fully well the greater tasks ahead, we deem necessary to restructure and reorganize our business set-up, but still, without compromise.  This January 2015, we have now become a "stock corporation" to be legally known as 

AVODÄH Management Consultancy and Trading Corp.



    - All facet of HR processing: recruiting, screening, hiring

    - Training, Workshop and Continuing Education

    - Executive Search


    - Various Trade Events (as Principal/Exec. Producer handling

                                          individual and corporate concessionaires)

    - Corporate Events (Company or Product Launching, Team-building,

                                    Themic Events, etc.)

   - Independent Workshops (as Principal/Exec. Producer)

   - Musical Concert / Themic Events (as Principal/Exec. Producer)


    - Leasing or Acquisition of property, equipment and technology

    - Supply and Construction

    - Management / Operation to Start-up (Incubator Phase)


    - Sourcing and Reselling